How to Open a First Metro Sec Online Stock Trading Account

Everybody wondered at least once in a life how to earn money fast. Unfortunately, we don t have a magic stick to become rich. Still, there is an excellent opportunity to make money together with the Philippine stock exchange or you can use the service to get a loan.

Have you Heard of First Metro Sec?

People look for a piece of sound advice when trying to find a good online broker. First Metro Sec pro is an online trading system. It functions on the market in the Philippines. A user can trade there having access to all the required information. It has been a trustworthy stock brokerage for 25 years. FMS is famous for its stability and reliability. Each employee is an expert in opening online investments. The organization is supported by Metrobank which was founded more than 55 years ago. The statistic proves that it s one of the best banks for investment and trading.

investing service 99.2%
thrift banking 76%
credit cards 60%
leasing 59.9%

There are upgraded applications to install on Android, PC, or iPhone. It makes the procedure faster, easier, and more convenient. Each client can easily contact online support. To get the contact you should just visit the official website. There you will find contact phones, email address and open hours of offices with their location. Brokers always find the most appropriate investments for each customer. Pro service is available to those who have the demanded mutual fund. It has a special bonus program and is active for only one month. If an investor corresponds to the requirements, the system preserves Pro account for the next month and so on. If something lacks the system deactivates it and a client goes back to an average account.

Opening a First Metro Sec Online Stock Trading Account Is Easy

One should pay attention to First Metro Sec requirements. Sometimes the procedure fails because a person is not ready to provide all the necessary credential information. There are many tutorial videos and articles devoted to the requirements of the investors center in the Philippines. This is the list of typical data one should include into the portfolio:

  • working email address to create an account and receive the approvement;
  • the application form that should be properly filled in;
  • at least two copies of the identity document made by photocopier (passport, securities and exchange commission ID, taxpayer identification number, etc).

There is one more requirement that concerns only a person who is not a holder at Metrobank. It s a primary investment. It makes approximately 25 thousand PHP. Others may start enjoying stock business after the confirmation.

First Metro Rec Requirements: It has never Been so Simple to Start

There is nothing to worry about even for those who register and wants to become an investor the first time. Follow the simple procedure described below. Each step is as easy as ABC.

You might study first metro sec review to find out some problems somebody had. Just investigate FAQ to make sure that you understand what stock market means or who stock trader is. Arm yourself with knowledge; Visit the official website and proceed to the filling in the registration form. Try to avoid signs a program can regard as errors. *, , ; and other similar icons are better to omit; Think of a user name (fewer than fifteen characters) and password (the combination of 8-16 letters and numbers) you d like to have. Jot them somewhere down for not to forget; Choose the section called Account Info and write down all the necessary data. Don t forget to select the best security question (for example, your mother s maiden name) and answer it in the required field of this account step. It helps to restore the password in case you forget it or create a new one; Now it s time to mention your personal information. Go on giving the data in Personal Info section (contact and passport data). When it s ready click Continue; Your next task is to present yourself as an investor (sources of funds, investment objective, customer or Metro as a handler of your investment, annual income, registration details). Each new step opens after pressing the Continue icon; After everything is filled in, you should review, save the form in PDF format and print the document. Sign it; Now you should get an envelope and put the printed files and copies of two IDs (pass, driving license, voter s ID, or any other valid ID) inside; After that, you must go to the nearest Metro Sec office to open your checking account. The office will proofread and check out the documents to avoid mistakes.

Your Next Steps

The last thing one should do is to wait a couple of days for First Metro Sec (short for Securities) confirmation. The system needs up to 3 days to approve the application. It usually sends the confirmation via phone message, phone call or email. As soon as you receive the email or a message, you could purchase the stock you like and begin trading. Investing online is as easy and fast as a cash advance from an online moneylender. The procedure is simpler for those who already hold Metrobank account. If a person doesn t possess it, there should be an initial investment. Holders can just connect two accounts or deposit the required sum at any Metrobank. After everything is ready you ll have access to real-market data and the product or service you want to invest in. This activity is available to everyone who has the Internet and desire to multiply money. To conclude, one can realize that the account is really easy to open. It gives a chance to connect Metrobank account to this one. By the way, initial investing is free in case you are Metrobank client.

How to Become the First Metro Sec pro?

Online trading promises excellent income. The main thing is to learn how to do it correctly. The Internet is full of resources which could provide the data you long for. To make sure that this electronic trading platform is legal and profitable, you can read blogs of people who share their experience. Many of them post pics and screenshots to prove that it s real. Most bloggers do not cooperate with this public company making their articles trustworthy. Due to that, they increase the number of followers. Find such reliable bloggers to delete all hesitations.


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